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Transactional Analysis is a sophisticated theory of personality, communication and behavior used for personal growth and personal change. Founded by Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne in the 1950's, T.A. has applications in coaching, counseling, therapy, education, organizational and business consulting. Transactional Analysis has many facets, including:

  • Life Scripts: looking at the stories we are unconsciously living
  • Games: the 'games' people play to reinforce old, familiar, yet unproductive feelings
  • Strokes: how we go about obtaining our needs for recognition
  • Time Structuring: how we structure our time, and it's congruence with how we want to live
  • Ego States: which 'part' of ourselves are we communicating from, and which 'part' is the other person responding from
  • Transactions: examining the surface/social level of communication (verbal), as well as the hidden/psychological level that runs parallel (non-verbal)
By working with these various facets we are able to facilitate profound personal change, professional development, and improve communication skills in all areas of life.