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Crystals and gemstones are surrounded by mythology. We are all familiar with the idea of fortune-tellers gazing into crystal balls and foretelling the appearance of tall, dark strangers. However, few of us realise that crystals are actually used by the vast majority of people, every day. Quartz watches, computers, televisions and many conventional medical techniques would not exist without crystals. We base our entire measurement of time upon piezoelectric vibrations from quartz crystal. The scientific theory Piezoelectric currents are tiny electrical charges which are produced when pressure is applied to a specific kind of crystal. Lighters harvest the surge of piezoelectricity into a spark that ignites a flame. Crystals vary their structure when they are subjected to changes in temperature, water levels (hydration) and they even change colour if you alter their electromagnetic field - we use this characteristic in order to see the black figures on the face of a quartz LCD watch. Water levels are also another factor in the way that crystals behave. Crystalline structures are every where - even in the human body. These are found on the surface of cells and in the cell "battery", the mitochondria. If we experience changes in water, electromagnetic field or temperature, then biochemical traffic across the cell membrane can be altered, as well as the energy production capacity of the mitochondria. Crystals can, almost like a lens, "focus" the electromagnetic fields that surround cell membranes and mitochondria. This means that during crystal healing, placing the crystals on nerve clusters usually found around the chakra areas, could lead to significant alterations in the traffic of neurochemical messengers within the nervous system and thus affect bodywide chemistry. Given that emotions are often controlled or varied by our body chemistry - it is easy to see how crystals could even affect our moods